What is ibas++? Introduction to ibas++

ibas++ Introduction ibas (Integrated Budget and Accounting System) is an integrated financial management information system for the Government of Bangladesh. It is a centralized, Internet and Oracle-based software, which allows budget preparation, budget distribution to the field offices, fund release, re-appropriation, online submission of pay and other bills, payment processing through EFT, cheque and payment order, accounting of all receipts and payment of the government, automated bank reconciliation, etc.

What is ibas?

There was a time when government officials had to work hard to pay their salaries or other allowances. Not only in Bangladesh but even 5 years ago it was very difficult to give different allowances.

But now it is within reach due to the online system. Like other developed countries, the online payment system has also been introduced in Bangladesh named ibas ++.

The system will provide a complete picture of the financial assets and liabilities of the government at a given point of time, after complete the implementation of the system. ibas++ has the following four key modules:

  1. Budget
  2. Preparation
  3. Budget Execution
  4. General Ledger
  5. Accounting

it is an online portal through which gazetted government officials in Bangladesh can view all their bill and bill information and its ledger online. The government of Bangladesh has launched this online payment gateway system in Bangladesh.

Through this ibas ++ all employees are now getting the opportunity to take their allowances. The government is thinking of increasing its facilities day by day. Users can also easily get a print copy of their bill with just a click on ibas ++ also the annual increment status can be seen here.

Users can login to ibas ++ with their own username and password. And you can find the information by going to the specific menu of ibas ++.


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