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ibas++ has been made very easy to use where even a person with little knowledge about online can use ibas ++ very easily. This ibas++ is a big proof that the information technology of our country is improving as the world is improving online.

ibas++ Budget Execution Module

ibas++ Budget Execution Module operation starts after the budget is approved by the parliament. The module helps perform the following activities:

1. Budget distribution to the subordinate/ field offices;
2. Breaking of development budget from summary to detail economic codes;
3. Release of funds for development projects and development programs financed by revenue budget in order to help cash management;
4. Re-appropriation based on delegation of financial power;
5. Recording of quarterly Budget Implementation Plan (BIP) and corresponding actual progress.

Key User of the ibas++ Module

• Finance Division
• Line Ministries/Divisions
• Directorates/Departments
• Autonomous Bodies

There are various reasons behind doing Ibas ++, the main reason being that government gazetted officials do not have to suffer any hardship in paying their own salary allowances. As a result, government gazetted officials do not have to go to the accounting office to pay their dues. He is getting all the information about his own account from ibas++.

Various guidelines for using Ibas ++ are currently available online. Many people are able to use ibas++ very easily by following these guidelines.


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