Key improvements আইবাস++

This account can be done manually with some information. But now it is being given to the employees from the office which will get the benefit of different ibas++. Then they can easily find all the information about the user in their home through a computer or mobile.

Key improvements from ibas++

Key improvements from ibas++.  we discuss below we know ibas is a digital gift from the Bangladesh government to government employees.

  • İBAS is a distributed system running with the WAN of Finance Division, whereas iBAS++ is a centralized and Internet-based system;
  • IBAS is a transaction capturing system without a General Ledger, as a result, it lacks essential budgetary and accounting controls. On the other hand, iBAS++ is a General Ledger based system with budgetary and accounting control provisions;
  • iBAS does not have provision for budget distribution, fund release, and re-appropriation, which iBAS++ provides.

All the information of Ibas ++ is stored in a specific database. This database is changed or enlarged on a regular basis. ibas ++’s database refers to an accounting database of all employees and ibas++ is that database.

In order to use Ibas ++, you must have an account in ibas++, which means that the user must first open an account in ibas ++ with all his information.


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