ibas++ আইবাস++ ব্যবহারে সুবিধাসমূহ

Advantages of using ibas++ The Government of Bangladesh has launched ibas++ for the convenience of government work and in the interest of budget control. In this case, all the benefits of using this web-based software are mentioned below.

Advantage of ibas++ uses

  1. ibas++ Centralized and Internet-Based Software.
  2. General prepares ledger-based financial reports.
  3. Every step of budget management such as – budget formulation, budget allocation distribution and distribution, the release of funds, re-appropriation facilities.
  4. Preparation of database of government officials, employees and pensioners.
  5. Field-level offices and gazetted officers submit all types of bills online including salary and festival allowance bills. The advantage of knowing the latest status of the bill.
  6. Employees’ salary and festival allowance bills submitted online through DDO.
  7. Payment of allowances and pensions through EFT.
  8. During the passage of the bill, it automatically verifies the allocation of each economic code and controls the expenditure.
  9. Automatically reconcile accounts between the Accounting Officer and the DDO.
  10. Automation of general future funds, preparation of loan and advance ledgers and sub-ledger automation.
  11. Issuance of income tax deduction certificate at source and GPF prepare annual accounts automatically.
  12. Automatically calculates income and expenditure.
  13. The daily full picture of income and expenditure of the whole country is available.

Advantages of using ibas++ The use of this software has reduced fraud and speed up the work and the work can be done in a very short time. Transparency in government work has come and corruption has decreased.

Disadvantage of ibas++

Actually it has no disadvantage of ibas++, ibas++ is for easy government service. it has made service providing is very easy


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